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re:BOX Network Platform

Jimbo ClarkUnconscious Bias Training Expert | USA

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Working across Asia with individuals, teams and organizations on achieving transformational change for more than 20 years, Jimbo Clark excels at meaningfully facilitating activities, games and simulations to bring new awareness of possibilities and clear actions for future improvements. As a founder and creative force behind innoGreat, his role is to help the clients to achieve breakthrough results by providing meaningful, memorable and magical learning experiences. He achieves each time through a unique mix of Accelerated Learning techniques, exploratory games, activities and simulations, and facilitative techniques that tap the wisdom of the group. He works closely with the clients to ensure that the program design is exceptional, and that the delivery is unforgettable.

Specialties: Specializing in Accelerated/Experiential Learning program design and delivery | Brains on the beach co-creation workshop organizer

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