the Z

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the Z

Z Identity

  • The 'Z' is the last letter of the alphabet, the accomplishment of the fully complete journey from A to Z of re:BOX HR Service. We focus on leading generation Z through every step from beginning to end. re:BOX Consulting's Z service represents the high end of HR consulting services and the high premium level of leadership program. re:BOX Consulting helps HR leaders and future organizational talents to reach the ultimate objectives and the highest successful career achievement.

re:BOX in your Company

From recruitment to resignation, all HR core competencies required by the organization are composed of 45 modules, and services provided by HR departments within the organization are provided. Starting from the current level assessment based on individual, team, and organizational diagnosis, you will experience a new HR service.

Future competency program

re:BOX provides an opportunity to experience lectures on future competencies and HR competencies that are regularly conducted. Also, Cornell's online classes can be applied at a discounted price as a member of re:BOX.


Integrated Talent Management

The life map begins at University. re:BOX offers career design and development programs throughout life for current students.

Executives & team coaching with Marshall Goldsmith

Experience the Z couching Services such as CEO and successor coaching, Individualized coaching, development and career planning, Training leaders and HR professionals to become coaches, Stakeholder centered team & executive coaching, and Followership team training.  

re:box transforms leaders and organizations through global out-of-the-box solutions.