re:BOX Intro

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re:BOX Intro

Corporate Identity

  • BOX means everything we believe in and ourselves, including team, organization, system, philosophy, culture, and process. The box in the frame means 'growth' by communicating through the inside out and outside In’ solution to 'connect' and 'share' with the world. re:BOX Consulting provides a solution that transforms organizations and leader in a better way through breaking the framework. We all want to do re: Think, re: Align, re: Tool for sharing, connection and growth with the world and constantly re: BOX.

Re:BOX evolving everyday to be in-side-out & out-side-in approaches
  • 01

    Global Collaborative Partners: 5 Countries experts in real time based

  • 02

    Blended Learning: On line & Off line(Cornell & re:BOX)

  • 03

    Strong Field Practice and Academic research in Balance

  • 04

    Evolving re:BOX solutions by ROG with advisory members (re:BOX on the gallery) workshop

  • 05

    Connect Partners & Advisory members, participants’ idea and experience

  • 06

    Social responsibility and sharing

CEO Greeting

Dr. Jade Chung 
Dr. Jade Chung has always been the rising star, winning numerous 'first female executive‘ titles in many companies in her 25-year career in HR. She has held various HR executive positions including Continental Automotive Korea, GE Korea and Sun Microsystems, spanning through various sizes and stages of businesses covering thousands of employees and 185 countries in various industries including IT, consumer retail, infrastructure, healthcare and automotive. She was nominated as the Top Global 100 HR Influencers in the World HRD Congress 2017, and won Jeff Immelt’s Most outstanding Leader Award at GE, 2014.
As the founder of re:BOX Consulting, she now aspires to build a networked platform of global and local service partners, academia, top CHRO members and the government to holistically offer out-of-the-box solutions for organizational challenges. She is entirely redefining the way leadership training and organizational consulting is done, and provides invaluable leadership insights and coaching to help talented women and professionals prepare for executive roles.

re:BOX Services


Intensive Leadership Courses with eCornell: Blending field expertise & theoretical depth

  • HR Z™ : Strategic HR Business Partner Course for future CHRO
  • WIT™(Women in Transformation) : Executive Women Leadership Program
  • BOLD™ : CEO & Executive Leadership Program
  • Delivery of client programs with local and global perspectives
  • Cutting edge OD theories & Practice
  • Customized delivery of eCornell leadership courses

Organizational Transformation: Strategy, Leadership and Organization Development

  • Holistic interpretation with global integrated talent management perspectives
  • Membership Program for coaching HR business partners
  • Labor Relations Excellence

Innovative Culture & Communication: Transforming to high performance culture

  • roG™ workshop: co-creation workshop
  • In & Out of Box™ : Trust, Innovative thinking training
  • ESP™ (Empty for style preference) : EQ workshop
  • Idea Market Place™: Facilitation Training
  • CIE™(Creative Innovation for Everyone) Workshop

Executives & team coaching with Marshall Goldsmith


Translate and publish articles and bestsellers about HR & leadership from all around the world

  • 'How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job'by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith
  • 'Your Lion Inside: Tapping into the Power Within' by Kimberly Faith

Career strategy, strengthening practical competency, talent network

  • Z Internship Program for the Millennial Generation
  • Coaching for practical competency
  • Career and Life Consulting
  • Activating the Z Community for Talent Networking
re:box transforms leaders and organizations through global out-of-the-box solutions.