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HR-Z Seminar[re:Silience] How to turn a crisis into an opportunity


작성일 19-10-27 23:59
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re:BOX News
About 40 people from businesses, educational institutions and government agencies gathered to participate in HR-Z seminar to strengthen resilience.

In order to enhance resilience, a sense of well-being, balance of work and life, high-quality sleep, and a healthy diet must be supported.

First of all, focus on myself, and then practice resilience, starting with positive mind control, what I feel most happy about.
Resilient elasticity is achieved by balancing external factors such as food, water, and sleep, as well as internal factors such as 'rest', 'stability' and 'happiness'.

The world in which we live has become more convenient, but somehow we get tired easily and consume more energy.
Maybe that's why this resilience seminar is coming up more interesting and meaningful. Through this seminar, I hope it was a great opportunity to love myself more and give off positive energy in my career, home and life!

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