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CEO re:BOLD Club


작성일 19-10-27 23:47
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re:BOX Consulting's CEO re:BOLD Club is an experience-based program designed for CEOs and next-generation successors, divided into the areas of Business, Operating, Leadership, and Decision, enabling you to develop the virtues you need as a CEO and the sense of field as an innovative leader.

The re:BOLD program, divided into five levels, is as follows.

First, Through the CEO Forum, we understand the various directions, key points, and perspectives of the complexities of the phenomenon and visit innovative unicorn companies and large enterprises that will set a second and latest example to learn about domestic organizational cases and share more in-depth discussions.

Following the visit of domestic companies, we will see, hear, discuss and practice the best practices of the latest future organizations.

Fourth, we will have a team of executives and CEOs from each company to have an Industry Strategy co-creation workshop and to set up a strategy for our organization.

This courses are based on the innovation coaching and provided by re:BOX Consulting and our  partners.

With sharing, connection and growth, the re:BOLD aims to educate CEOs and business successors about their future organizational leadership, diversity, future business acumen, and the latest global mind business case and trend.
re:box transforms leaders and organizations through global out-of-the-box solutions.